Manila Rubber Corporation was established in 1962 in the Philippines primarily as a manufacturer of rubber soling materials. Over the last decades, the company has gone from strength to strength, to where it is today by diversifying and developing resilient rubber floorings in the forms of tiles, rolls, sheets and bricks. Today, the company is recognized as the leading rubber flooring manufacturer in the Philippines and continues to be the reason of our existence.

Manila Rubber Corporation is committed in providing world-class sports, safety and rubber flooring solutions. Our products are highly recommended and preferably used by experts such as architects, interior designers, landscape artists, engineers, contractors, developers as well as athletes, trainers and sports enthusiasts for areas where slip resistance, noise reduction, resiliency, impact absorption and comforts are essential.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Manila Rubber Corporation provides high quality sports, safety and rubber flooring solutions, while complying with our environmental responsibility and promoting employees’ welfare to be able to sustain company growth and leadership stability.

Manila Rubber Corporation continues to be the leading rubber flooring manufacturer in the Philippines. Through strong global alliances, we aim to promote world class sports, safety and rubber flooring solutions in pursuit of the globalization of our business.

DOW World Wide Partner

Partner in Adhesive

We at Manila Rubber Corporation don't just ensure the quality of our products and services. We also value the safety and health of our costumers. With this, we teamed up with Dow Chemical, one of the most trusted chemical provider in the industry for the adhesives that we use in the installation of our floorings.

Local Manufacturing

Being in the industry for more than five decades, specializing in manufacturing and using only high-grade materials are only a few of Manila Rubber Corporation’s strength in producing high quality rubber floorings. We have our in-house machines, well-trained operators and quality control department to complete our integrated system and ensure that our products conform to the industry’s high standards. As a caring corporate citizen, Manila Rubber Corporation also promotes the welfare of our employees and complies with the environmental responsibility thru recycling and using eco-friendly materials.

Quality Installation

Manila Rubber Corporation takes pride in its workmanship. Our in-house technical and installation team consist of highly skilled and experienced installers, designers and layout artists as well as CAD engineers to support our process. We also invest by using only high quality and non-toxic adhesives and chemicals for our products and installation. All these are in pursuit of providing our clients the best service they need.

Continuous Innovation

With the aim to sustain our lead in manufacturing of rubber floorings, Manila Rubber Corporation’s professional RND team conducts continuous research and develops new product, processes and testing to ensure the quality of our services. We also establish strong partnership with international companies to sustain our innovation particularly in sports, safety and rubber flooring solutions despite the changing demands in the industry.

Consistency of Service

Manila Rubber Corporation strongly believes that consistency is the key to our customers’ satisfaction. We ensure that our products and services maintain all its quality thru being a reliable partner and providing continuous communication to our customers even after we served them.